Latest news: 100 MILLION PEOPLE KILLED IF PAKISTAN AND INDIA WAR: This year is 2025, when militants attacked the Indian parliament and killed most of its leaders. In retaliation, New Delhi sent tanks into Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Islamabad fears that it will be overwhelmed, so its use of its nuclear weapons attacked the invading forces, triggering the most deadly conflict in history and bringing about a catastrophic global warming that has never occurred since the last ice age. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

What will be the effects of Pak Ind war?

The researchers modeled the situation in a new paper published on Wednesday that envisioned immediate deaths of more than 100 million people, followed by millions of tons of dark soot that would block sunlight for ten years. Hunger will occur globally. This is at the time of renewed tension between the two South Asian competitors. Two opponents in South Asia fought several wars in the Kashmir Valley and quickly established their own nuclear arsenal. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

Rutgers University research on Pak Ind war

They currently have about 150 nuclear warheads available, and are expected to climb to more than 200 by 2025. Alan Robock, a professor of environmental science at Rutgers University, is a co-author of Rutgers University. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi canceled the autonomy of the occupied Kashmir in August, after which his Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the United Nations last week that the dispute could escalate to nuclear war. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

How Pakistan shot down Indian Pilot in February?

The last border conflict between the two countries was in February, but after Pakistan sent a shot down pilot back to India, they retreated from the brink of collapse. India has a “no first strike” policy, but reserves the right to launch a nuclear response to any attack on weapons of mass destruction.
Pakistan announced that it would only use nuclear weapons if it could not be prevented by conventional means or first attacked by nuclear weapons. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

125 million people will be killed in Pak Ind war

The authors write that although their situation is that Pakistan first pulled the trigger, they are not meant to imply that they believe this possibility is greater. Based on their current population and possible urban centers, the researchers estimate that as the two countries consume most of the high-yielding weapons, as many as 125 million people will be killed. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

Second World War people death

About 7-8 billion people lost their lives in the Second World War. This most extreme situation will involve the use of a 100 kilogram weapon, which is six times as powerful as a bomb on Hiroshima. An explosion of such a bomb would kill 2 million people and injure 1.5 million people, but most of the deaths would be caused by a violent storm after the explosion.However, Pakistan’s share of the urban population will be about twice that of India. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

Environmental Condition Due to Pak Ind war

However, the end of the world is only the beginning. The study found that the blizzard could release 16 to 36 million tons of soot (black carbon) into the upper atmosphere and spread to the rest of the world in a few weeks. In turn, soot absorbs solar radiation, warms the air, and exacerbates the rise in smoke. The sun reaching the Earth will drop by 20% to 35%, the surface will be cooled by 2 to 5 degrees Celsius, and the precipitation will be reduced by 15 to 30%. Reported By BULLETNIBHUB

This is followed by a global food shortage that will last for up to 10 years.Robbke told AFP: “I hope that our work will make people realize that you can’t use nuclear weapons.


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