religious leader Maoulna Irshadullah 104

The religious leader shot dead in attack

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A neighborhood strict pioneer, Maulana Irshadullah, was shot dead inside his madrassah in the Panjgur region of Makran division on Sunday, police said.

Maulana Irshad, who was head of Madressah Ahsan-ul-Madaris, Chit­k­an, was sitting in his office when arm­ed men riding a cruiser started shooting at his office.

Latest News “Maulana Irshadullah got various projectile wounds and kicked the bucket,” a cop told Dawn.

He said another man sitting with the minister got projectile wounds. He was moved to the area medical clinic where his condition is supposed to be not kidding. The aggressors fled.

Not long after getting data ab­o­ut the occurrence, police and work force of other law requirement offices raced to the zone and moved the body to the common emergency clinic in Panjgur. After medico-legitimate customs, the body was given over to Maulana Irshad’s family.

Today Current Affair of Moulana Irashadullah

The police said the intention behind the homicide was so far not satisfactory. Howe­ver, an examination was propelled after enlistment of a case. Nobody has asserted obligation regarding the assault.


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