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Serena Williams became faster and healthier in the search for an elusive 24th Grand Slam title, and despite the loss of chance, the 37-year-old player still came to her on time, American coach Patrick Muratoglu said.
Earlier this month, Williams lost the fourth consecutive Grand Slam final in the US Open because she was once again close to the record of 24 Grand Slams in the history of Margaret Stadium in Australia, and then went straight to the second round. .
Since the return of maternity leave in September 2017, Williams has not won any of the four Grand Slam finals. In Flushing Meadows, she was selected for the first time in the Canadian teenager Bianca Andriscu.
Williams may not need statistics to prove her position in the game, but Mouratoglou believes she has enough gasoline in the tank to continue her pursuit of next season.
“I think time is useful to her,” Mouratoglou told Sky Sports here.
“I think her performance at the US Open is better than her game at Wimbledon, and Wimbledon is better than Roland Garros.
“Her shape has recovered. The more her shape, the more dangerous she is. I think she has started playing very good tennis.”
Mouratoglou said Williams must play under the pressure of not having to consolidate her position in tennis history.
“This is the highest pressure anyone can afford in life, and on the other side of the court, she plays the girl without stress, because this is their first final,” he said.
“At some point, she will figure out how to deal with this problem.”

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