Bulletinhub it the pioneer of news channels in Pakistan that provides the best current affairs regarding every aspect of life. We Provide the latest trend news and story. With news, we present to our visitor that what’s happening in the political world. Things that affect the culture, political, economic and socials climate are happening now. What step is safe and what is going on next time intervals. A Sound to keep studying and aware of the spectator it is base on the top trend story that is around the world.


Current Affairs our Company tells about real stories on resistance, ups and down, justice and identity. Our reports based on people’s voice and experience has rarely seen the mainstream media .we reported daily base on a new story and identifying the real mistakes that happen.


Latest Current Affairs based on the best trending story that is involved in democracy, Military and helpful for educational purposes. People who want to acknowledge the mainstream follow and see the prediction of what’s going on.BulletinHub approach and build trust for the target audience in a way to socially.


BulletinHub tells about the important role of Recent Current Affairs may be apparent with various eligibility criteria adopted by the employment sector, a valid opportunity for where people are hired based on their knowledge of their environment.


BulletinHub provides Daily Current Affairs on different regular reports and issues to resolve them with people’s experience like today we face jobs problem our youth is disappointed, others are military issues and discussed many others, National, International, Sports Current Affairs and current events of 2019 and other respectively important days of the month and another current topic useful for information. We describe the information that differs from daily news.


BulletinHub provides people a strong bandwidth and connected people all oversees. The current Affairs are also very dynamic as they are constantly changing. Owing to this importance and dynamic nature, Today Current Affairs is a section that is present in every New. Current events in various regular reports and questions to solve them with the experience of people, how today we are faced with the problem of jobs, our youth are disappointed, other is military.