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Debit Card In Pakistan – Murad Saeed Announces the Facility of Online Payments

Latest News: Federal Post and Communications Minister Murad Saeed announced on Wednesday that retirees from Pakistan Post will receive a debit card by December 25.In a speech at the 145th World Post Day ceremony of the Postal Staff College, Murad Saeed said that the debit card facility will not only provide instant cash for the elderly, but also make it easier for them to avoid long queues. To honor the pension.
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35,000 internship opportunities for young people

According to the Breaking News: The Pakistan Radio reported that the Minister also announced that he would provide 35,000 internship opportunities for young people who can register their own pick-up facilities at Pakistan Post.
Regarding job vacancies in the postal sector, he said that the department created 300% of the income with the same staff and is providing the public with fairly cheap and fast service.

Importance of using technology

In a Latest speech, Federal Postal Service Minister Hamid Haroon emphasized that the importance of using technology in postal services has been at its best. He added that the world is witnessing changes in the communications field, and Pakistan Post is not lagging behind other courier services.

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