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Breaking News of Diabetic: Sao Paulo: Brazilian and American scientists have jointly developed a lens that can detect blood sugar in diabetic patients with eye moisture.
In order to measure blood sugar, a needle is usually extracted and placed on a glucometer. This traumatic process is repeated daily and therefore less painful procedures are needed. At times, the infection can also occur in this way. We come up with top trending news in Pakistan.
According to Lias Sanyatti Brassica, an engineer at the S کارo Carlos Chemistry Institute in Brazil, there are many metabolites in the tears that can indicate blood quality. In this way, they can be used as an unconventional method of detecting blood sugar levels.
Brazilian experts have discovered an enzyme ‘glucose oxidase’ in the body fluids, especially in tears, which can detect blood volume in the body.
In this way, tears can detect not only blood in the body but also low or high amounts of vitamins and alcohol.
A biosensor has been developed for this, which shows a lack of glucose oxidase in the blood as a signal.
A variety of biosensors are being used worldwide for biomedical use. Brazilian experts, with the support of the University of California’s Department of Nanotechnology, have mounted the sensor on the lens of the lens, but its wires are attached to nose pads on which the sensors are mounted. To bring tears, the patient has to artificially moisten the eyes.We deliver the top trending stories in Pakistan.

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