FBR to launch a mobile app for filing tax return today 150


BREAKING : The Federal Board of Revenue FBR is all going to set to launch a mobile app for salaried persons allowing them to file their income tax returns using their smartphones. This announcement was made by FBR Chairman, Shabbar Zaidi, on Twitter.
Alhumdullilah, FBR should tomorrow launch a ‘Mobile App’ for filing return of income for salaried persons. Its now return of income for such persons, including payment of tax, can be made using smart phones, he tweeted.
The head of tax machinery termed the move a step in the right direction as Pakistan is aiming to digitalize ans similarly automate the taxation process in the country, he said.
This is a great step towards complete digitalisation of processes in the taxation system, he added.
FBR is currently focused on improving the tax culture in the country by bringing more and more Pakistanis into the tax net. A number of steps have being taken, however, there’s still a long way to go.
The details related to regarding the launch of the new mobile app are yet to emerge, however, the step comes at the right time as it will enable the salaried class to file their tax returns for the year 2019 without any hassle. The aim of the app is to make it easier for the common salaried person to submit their own file returns without having to deal with any hurdles or paid tax helpers.


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