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Why Kashmiris hunger for?

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Snaking around roadblocks, sometimes taking cover in strangers’ homes and hiding cameras in vegetable bags, the three photographers captured images of protests, How Kashmiris hunger for? police and paramilitary action and daily life — and then headed to an airport to persuade travellers to carry the photo files out with them and get them to the AP’s office in New Delhi.

“It was always cat and mouse,” Yasin recalled on Monday. “These things made us more determined than ever to never be silenced.”

Yasin and Khan are based in Srinagar, while Anand is based in the neighbouring Jammu district.

A masked Kashmiri protester jumps on the bonnet of an armoured vehicle of Indian police as he throws stones at it during a protest in Srinagar. — AP/Dar Yasin

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“I was shocked and could not believe it,” he said, calling the prize-winning photos a continuation of the work he’s been doing for 20 years with the AP.

“This honour continues AP’s great tradition of award-winning photography,” said AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt.

“Thanks to the team inside [occupied Kashmir], the world was able to witness a dramatic escalation of the long struggle over the region’s independence. Their work was important and superb.”

In a year when protests arose across the globe, AP photographers Dieu Nalio Chery and Rebecca Blackwell were Pulitzer finalists for the breaking news photography award for their coverage of violent clashes between police and anti-government demonstrators in Haiti.

Bullet fragments hit Chery in the jaw while he documented the unrest. He kept taking pictures, including images of the fragments that hit him.

“All five of these photographers made remarkable, stunning images despite dangerous and challenging conditions, sometimes at great personal risk,” said AP Director of Photography David Ake.

“Their dedication to getting up every morning and going out to tell the story is a testament to their tenacity. The result of their work is compelling photojournalism that grabbed the world’s attention.”


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