Karachi: ‘Jab barish hoti hai .. tou pani ata hai…’ (The rain is coming, the water is coming), said Pakistani captain Sarfraz Ahmed’s face with a naughty smile Everyone at the National Stadium laughed.The wit’s wit in response to Dawn’s question about the wet field was inspired by the recent videotape of the Pakistan People’s Party co-chair, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who spoke the same words in his own unique style at the press conference. .However, it is worrying that due to unforeseen showers, Pakistan may not be able to attract such a much-needed population for the historic three-day international series of visiting Sri Lanka.Rainwater may play a depressing role because the sales of historic ODI tickets have not recovered

Pak vs Sri-lanka Match; Heavy Rain Fall Forecasts

In the past three days, the rain has been impacting this bustling metropolis. Before the first ODI event on Friday, Dawn visited the ground and learned that the field status of the game was not ideal. Agha Zahid, the chief curator of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and his ground crew must hope that the match day will be full of sunshine to make the ground completely dry and allow the race to start on time at 3:00 pm.I am afraid that rain will not only affect the venue, but also like the fact that in the city is often affected by the mismanagement of the municipality, the rain will also become one of the obstacles for fans to go to the venue.

What Sarfaraz And Baber Campaigning?

A PCB spokesperson told Dawn: “We are doing everything we can to ensure that we attract a lot of fans for ODI.” He added: “International cricket has been over ten years ago, and now it shows that we have been waiting hard and want to fully enjoy it.”PCB has been working through social media campaigns and other media to urge fans to visit the stadium for three games. Pakistani star players, including captain Sarfraz and deputy captain Babar Azam, asked fans to enter the stands through their Twitter accounts and become part of history.
However, learned that before the submission of this report, the tickets for Karachi ODI sold only about 40%. According to sources, ticket sales are slow. In addition to the rain, heavy security measures will also result in closure on the day of the competition, which will cause the city’s two or three important roads to be closed on traffic days, which will also adversely affect the fans.

Punjabi Fans Are Greater Supporter Of Match


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