Beijing/Shanghai: On Friday, Apple’s latest iPhone 11 series was launched in China, and the number of stubborn supporters was small, and hundreds of people gathered before some previous conferences.
In the world’s largest smartphone market, the sales of the latest technology products of the US technology giant are closely watched. In recent years, Apple has been standing out from the competition with low-cost and feature-rich phones.
The number of queues in Shanghai and Beijing stores totals dozens of customers, in stark contrast to previous years. A few years ago, hundreds of customers outside the Apple Store waited for hours to become the first to snap up their latest products.
However, many of China’s infamous has been transferred online, and last week began to pre-sell the iPhone 11 between $699 and $1,099.
Analysts say they have a better start than the last cycle of a year ago. China’s e-commerce site Jingdong said that the pre-sale of the iPhone 11 series on the first day increased by 480% compared with the comparable sales of iPhone XR last year.
One of the customers who went shopping at a store in Beijing last Friday was a surnamed Liu. He said that since the 3G series, each Apple series has a model.
He said he is particularly interested in the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro, which has three cameras on the back.
But other customers said they are concerned that the scope does not apply to the fifth-generation network, making it fall behind the 5G models that China’s Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and smaller competitor Vivo have released, and expressed the hope that Apple will be able to use the next generation of products. To achieve this goal in the queue.
Liu Liu, a civil servant, said: “I think that by the end of next year, especially in big cities like Beijing, 5G will be commonplace.” “If they don’t study it, they will fall behind.”
On the second day of the launch of the iPhone 11 in China, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei released a new smartphone, which is said to be more compact and more vivid than the latest iPhone camera and surround screen, although it has played down people’s concerns about Access information about popular Google apps.
After the brand fell into a Sino-US trade war, Huawei surged with the support of Chinese consumers, which in turn eroded Apple’s market share in the country.


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