Queen Elizabeth moving secret home at Sandringham

Queen Elizabeth and the Governor of Edinburg will spend time on the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk after reducing their summer vacation at Balmoral.

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The announcement was made by Buckingham Palace in a statement that said, “Subject to the completion of the autumn program, Her Majness plans to return to Windsor castle in October and re-launch Buckingham Palace for specific audiences and obligations. These plans will be kept updated and will certainly comply with all applicable guidelines and advice. According to local media, the Queen is spending the winter break at the estate along with other members of the Royal Family. Her husband, Governor of Edinburgh, has been splitting his time between Windsor Castle and Wood Farm in Sandringham since retiring from public service in August 2017.

Royal Central reported that Wood Farm sits in a hidden corner of the estate. Prince John, the youngest son of George V, lived on Wood Farm from 1917 until his death at the age of 13 in 1919.


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