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What’s app hacking fault – Is your data stealing by hackers?

Latest News for what’s app users: What’s app hacking fault – Web Desk, the largest messaging request in WhatsApp, has noticed faults that hackers can use to steal private data from operators. The researchers call the fault “Aokend.” This is a double release error inside the application. A file named Free-Free corrupts the phone’s memory. REPORTED BY BULLETINHUB

How hacker steal your data from what’s app?

According to the Breaking news: After we broke the file according to the news, it gave the weakness hacker a chance to access the user’s mobile phone, making it easy to steal the operator’s data.
The hacker enters the phone through it when opening the gallery. Through this error, the hacker can access the operator’s messages, videos, audio and other files.
In this respect, while warning all of our users, Facebook initially found that private or government entities are taking advantage of the faults of WhatsApp to improve it. Win the privacy of consumers for adults.

What are the shortcomings of what’s app?

Hackers have been annoying to exploit the shortcomings of this popular messaging application, and Pakistan is also using a new approach to attacking WhatsApp, which is called by hackers through telecom authorities. In the Trending News; Send the code to the user’s mobile phone and then get the information by making a call. To prevent hackers from being deceived, the WhatsApp application has two phases of safety choices.

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